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merry christmas & happy new year

Anyone wondering what they can buy me for Christmas need look no further. Well, in theory, at least. The ‘Morph concept device‘ was launched at the The Museum of Modern Art “Design and The Elastic Mind” exhibition, exploring new materials and electronics for faster, cleaner, grener and generally sexier mobiles. Yum. It’s also green and […]

Art, Technology & Education: A case for companionship

ANAT has specialised in bringing artists together with new media technologies for two decades. The funny thing is that at the time many of those people didn’t even consider themselves artists, never mind ‘technically minded’ ones, and many still don’t refer to those experiences as ‘education’. In the early days it was necessary to deliver […]

Forum Nokia

Calling all Innovators is the latest round of talent-spotting from Nokia. They’re looking for producers of ‘killer mobile applications’ for Eco-challenge, Emerging markets & Technology showcase. Prize: 10,000 USD cash, Nokia N95 8GB, sponsored trip to Mobile Commerce World 2009 to show your app, entry into global contest where you could win 25,000 USD & […]