I’m often asked to present a showcase of current portable interests. I’ll aim to keep them here.

my background: the-phone-book.com; the-phone-book Limited; smoked out; The Burgess Project; slides;

my current: portable platforms; emerging technologies.

gaming: coolest girl in school;

public: blinkenlights / stereoscope; murmur; ghostgarden / anita; blast theory; skyear; iPhone playfulness in new architectural spaces; busker;

history: sidetracks;

mlearning: milk; rheingold / social media classroom; awards;

research: glamm; bnmi; nesta; CoLab;

festivals: mobilefest;

identity: burka;

commerce: scoopt; lycette; podmo; mobile monday; mega;

writing: picturephoning; we-make-money-not-art; shane’s place; receiver;

film: tropfest08; miniseries; kino portable; qik; gps film;

collaborative: mosaic;

alt.hardware: blind camera; jewellery; open moko;

re-use: hack pda;